Trans-Disciplinary Education

As part of the Waikato Institute of Technology we designed a series of courses to develop context specific innovations requested by companies or organisations (industry partners).

A Post-graduate Certificate in Trans-disciplinary Research (60 credits)

Completed over 6 months,  students will

  • familiarise themselves with the theoretical frameworks that are useful for the specific context and focus of the innovation or change required by the company.  We use the transdisciplinary framework as a basis, and the student can include any combination of other relevant theoretical approaches they  deem appropriate.
  • The student then works with the company or organisation to plan the research required to develop the requested innovation based on a theme provided by the industry partner.

A Master of Transdisciplinary Research and Innovation (120 credits) 

A work based one year programme, it is research-based and leads to a new innovation as the outcome.

  • Upon the completion of the Postgraduate Certificate, the student can proceed to the Masters programme if the industry partner approves the research plan they developed to be executed in their environment.
  • This programme guides students to use trans-disciplinary research and a vehicle to develop a fit for purpose innovation in the environment of the industry partner.

You need to live in New Zealand to participate in either of these programmes in 2016.

More details on the Programmes.